Grilled Salmon with Habanero Mango Salsa

Posted by Unknown Friday, July 24, 2009
Taste Level: VGR
Cost: $20 and under
Serves: 2
Prep Time: 10-15 min.
Cook Time: 10-15 min.
Difficulty: 1

One of the best tasting and easiest ways to cook salmon can be done at home, while camping or even fresh out of the water while fishing. Don't let the ease of this recipe lead you into thinking it wont taste great. Sometimes the easiest way is the best! We did fancy these up a little by making some Habanero Mango Salsa to spoon over them but they are great just plain as well. We have also used our honey ginger soy sauce drizzled over them and it was also amazing (check topping-sauce label.)

2 salmon steaks
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
kosher salt (to taste)
fresh crack pepper (to taste)
2 tbsp of out Mango Habanero Salsa (check side-salad or topping-sauce label)

Preheat grill to medium high.

Rub olive oil evenly over steaks then crack with fresh pepper and sprinkle with kosher salt. Place steaks on grill directly over heat for 3-4 minutes. Flip steaks and cook an additional 3-4 minutes or until steaks are firm not squishy.

Remove from grill and let sit 3-4 minutes. Spoon 1 tbsp of salsa over each salmon steak and enjoy!


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