Spicy Basil Noodles

Posted by Unknown Friday, November 13, 2009
Taste Level: VG
Cost: $20 and under
Serves: 4
Prep Time: 5-10 min.
Cook Time: 20-25 min.
Difficulty: 1

Zo threw together these spicy basil noodles for a quick lunch over the weekend. We've made them many times before but never this spicy! Both of our lips were tingling for hours after but man was it worth it! These noodles go great with tofu, shrimp, beef or pork! So do not be afraid to add what you like to them.

1 red bell pepper (Juliane)
1 medium yellow onion (Juliane)
2 cloves garlic (minced)
2 Thai chili peppers (minced)
1 cup Mung bean sprouts
3 green onions (sliced)
1 tbsp fresh ginger (grated)
6-8 oz wide rice noodles
1/3-3/4 Thai basil leaves (chopped, regular basil can be substituted)
(1/2 package of firm Tofu Optional, 1/2 lbs shrimp or 1/2 pound beef or pork, cubed)
1 tsp soy oil

2 tbsp brown sugar
1 clove garlic
2 Thai chili Peppers (diced)
2 tbsp fish sauce
2 tbsp soy sauce
1/4 cup chili garlic sauce
2 tbsp Sriracha
1 limes juice
1 tsp lime zest

Combine all ingredients together in a small dish.

Soak noodles in a bowl of warm water. In a large Wok heat 1 tsp of soy oil over medium high heat. Once heated all all the noodle ingredients except the noodles and basil and cook for 7-8 minutes. Add the noodles and half the basil and cook until noodles are done (4-6 minutes.) Turn heat down to medium and add the remaining basil and sauce, heating through for 3-4 minutes.

(If using meat, shrimp or tofu add 4 minutes after adding all the ingredients except basil and noodles.)


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